Mahira Khan, Ahad Raza Mir join Pakistan’s Expo 2020 team as Official Pavilion Ambassadors


Pakistan Pavilion, a manifest of the country’s best talent, has taken on board internationally recognised Mahira Khan and Ahad Raza Mir as their Official Pavilion Ambassadors.

Mahira said, "I feel so proud to be the official Pavilion Ambassador. It’s been such a pleasure going around the Pavilion from the landscapes to the rich history and the diversity you see, you will be amazed at what all Pakistan has to offer. It really is a Hidden Treasure." She added, "This is a commendable initiative made by the Ministry of Commerce in collaboration with the amazing talent in Pakistan."

Ahad Raza Mir commented, "Honestly, I am speechless. I thought that I have seen a lot of Pakistan in my work but after going through the Pavilion today, I realised how much there is left to explore. I think this whole initiative of the government is fantastic. I am just very proud today and the pavilion gave me the feeling of Pakistan that I always wanted to see and the Pakistan I believe in."

Mahira and Ahad visited the Pavilion and were truly impressed by the magical experience starting with the beautiful façade which is one the largest works of its kind to the rich history, culture, beautiful landscapes, diversity of the people, contemporary economical prowess, and efforts on the climate change.

With the first month of the world’s biggest exposition Expo 2020 Dubai concluded, Pakistan Pavilion has been the talk of the town with one of the highest number of visitors amongst the Country Pavilions.