Pakistan Pavilion unveils October calendar with exciting business and cultural events


Dubai: The long-awaited October calendar of Pakistan Pavilion at Expo2020 has been released and is sure to stir excitement, comprising of many cultural, historical, and business events throughout the first month of the mega Expo in Dubai.

The focus of the first month at the Pakistan Pavilion will be centered around one of Pakistan’s wonders, Balochistan. Each day will offer visitors a different and stimulating experience to learn more about the region and discover the Hidden Treasure.

Commencing the Expo, the pavilion will hold various events to showcase the immense potential and opportunities both in tourism and other economic sectors.

Pakistan’s Federal Board of Investment will hold a seminar on the Electric Vehicle Policy on the 5th of October, while on the 6th of October, a session on climate change will be held with H.E Malik Amin, Pakistan’s Federal Minister for Climate Change. This session will voice the Clean Green Pakistan initiative in order to encourage the nationwide cleanliness and tree plantation drive. The schedule aims to show the world a typically unseen part of Pakistan and encourage tourism and investment into the country.

Further events aim to educate the younger generations about their role in climate change and how to continue the progress currently in action.

Pakistan Pavilion will also be heavily focusing on their “Invest in Pakistan Campaign”. Multiple business events will be held in which government entities, entrepreneurs, and SMEs will be projecting their opportunities. This initiative is highly prioritised throughout the agenda and will be highlighted through further panel sessions, seminars, and lectures.

Women are playing an important role in the growth and development of the country and Pakistan is devoted to empowering them across all sectors. Visitors will get to see the strides women have made and its ongoing progress at the numerous events being held at the pavilion. Expect all these happenings and more, from culture to business, organized to show the world the real Pakistan.

To learn more about the upcoming events, you can view the full calendar on the Pakistan pavilion webpage ( and all associated social media platforms. To participate in the business events, please register on the respective event links on the webpage.